Friday, July 1, 2011


Tonight I experienced something new and exciting.


I know. World traveler, college graduate, strange-job-extraordinaire, etc. who has never tried sushi?

It was true. Before tonight, the only exposure I had to sushi was a crumbled mess from a supermarket deli in which I ate the rice and scraped the random slimy ingredients to the plate.

A friend of mine (also world-traveler and college graduate) took me to a local sushi place called Fuji San. No idea what it means, but the word "fuji" will always remind me of Mt. Fujiyama photos, which in turn reminds me of Tom Cruise's movie "The Last Samurai", which then requires me to say the word in a very fast, very slurred Japanese accent.


It's pretty fun to say, really, and it's an easy way to make everything sound Japanese.
Computersan. Tablesan. Dressersan.

....I feel like a lot of people do the same with Americans (Southern especially) and the word ya'll....I know after I lived in Canada, I made sure and said "eh" after everything.

I am tired, eh? There is a storm coming, eh? Looks like the end of the world, the sky all black and everything, eh? You got hit by a raindrop just now, eh? Sucks, eh? Right on your eye, eh?




What a bizarre experience. I enjoyed a Fujisan Special Roll (crabsticks, salmon, roe, sesame, eel sauce, and avocado). The taste was pretty incredible. All the different tastes and flavors came together in a way that was very pleasing to the ole palate. However, the texture was crazy. I really have no way to describe it because I have never eaten anything with the slimy, sticky, spongy texture of sushi.

I can honestly say, though, that I enjoyed it. Much of that had to with the company, but as far as a new culinary adventure, it was a complete success. I will have sushi again in the future, for sure, especially since I will get to use chopsticks invention ever. However, how come they haven't evolved? I Western cultures we have the fork, spoon, knife, spatula, salad fork, soup spoon, tea spoon, etc. etc. until finally culminating in the highest mutation of the culinary tool genus: The Spork.

Come on, Orient. You're falling a bit behind....put your thinking caps on and let's get some creative tools attached to your bamboo sewing needles.

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