Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Do the angels sing Amazing Grace
when they look upon your face?
Do the clouds glorify your name,
the sunsets give you the highest praise?

Do the planets turn and dance for you,
or the stars proclaim your perfect truth?
Will the rocks sing of your endless love
or the rain as it pours from skies above?

Do the waves roar when you draw near
the smallest sparrows tremble in fear?
Does the moon reflect your holy light
Or the morning sun your fire ignite?

Out of all Creation you chose me
to shine your light so they will see
The power of love, the depth of grace,
The healing power of your holy name.

Out of all history you have chosen me
to conquer the world so that it will see
the power of the light, the end of the dark,
your Amazing Grace, how great thou art.

You formed me in the dust with your hand
fashioned life from this grain of sand
You saved me from the dust with your death
offered life with your dying breath.

More than conquerors, more than clay.
More than sinners, more than saints.
More than mountains, oceans, valleys low.
More than the death our sins have sown.

Formed in the dust, finished on a cross
Everything I gain is counted loss
Filled with the promise fulfilled in your name
When we shall see you, oh glorious day.

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